TP Link Setup for Router and Wireless Internet

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TP Link Setup for Router and Wireless Internet

On this occasion Dimlog tips and trick will provide tips on TP Link Setup on TP-Link L-MR3420 to serve as Router on LAN Network (Local Area Networking) with internet and also Hotspot (WIFI) with internet connection.

How to Setup TP Link Wireless N Router for LAN Internet

At this setting, the internet network that we use is using Mikrotik RouterBoard device with WAN (Wide Area Networking) using static IP Address

The Network Topology we use is as follows:

tp link setup


Here are the tp link setup or configuration on the tp link Wireless N Router

Before perform setup on TP Link, here are the IP Address inĀ  ether on MIkrotik RouterBoard

  • Setting IP for Wlan:
  • Setting IP for Lan:

Setting up on Network

Login on your TP Link and Perform Settings or configuration on the following menus:

Internet Access Menu

  • Internet Access: WAN Only

WAN Settings

  • WAN Connection Type: Static IP
  • IP Address: (Your WAN IP Address)
  • Subnet Mask:
  • Default Gateway:
  • Primary DNS: (google dns)
  • Secondary DNS: (google dns)
  • Save
tp link setup

WAN Settings

LAN Settings

  • MAC Address: automatically detect
  • IP Address: input your local ip address with enabling DHCP server. For example
  • Subnet Mask:
tp link setup

LAN Settings

Setting and configuration on DHCP

  • DHCP Server: Choose Enable
  • Start IP Address: leave it
  • End IP Address: leave it
  • Address Lease Time: minutes (1 ~ 2880 minutes, the default value is 120)
  • Default Gateway: (Optional)
  • Default Domain: (Optional)
  • Primary DNS: (Optional)
  • Save
tp link setup

Enabling DHCP

Settings on the Wireless Menu

Setting up on this menu has aim to create a WIFI or Hotspot Network on TP-Link with internet network connection from WAN

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In the Wireless Settings make the settings as shown in the picture. Especially the name of the Hotspot or WIFI network you created.

tp link setup

Hotspot Name

Done, click SAVE

That is the quick tips to setting up TP Link Wireless N Router for the purpose to serve an Hotspot or WIFI and also Router to serve Internet network on LAN so that all client are connected to the internet.

And finally good luck tips and tricks from Dimlog. I hope this helps

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