Trick for Lose Weight with Drinking Coffee

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Trick for Lose Weight with Drinking Coffee

Coffee drinking habits can be good for health. Not only affect the way the brain works, coffee can also lose weight. Read also drinking coffee is not recommended for patients with mag.

Lose Weight using Coffee

Many people think that coffee is only useful for improving concentration and energy. However, did you know that coffee is also useful for weight loss?

You need to know, the content of caffeine in coffee can affect one’s sleep patterns. If you continue to consume coffee throughout the morning and afternoon, there is a possibility you can not sleep easily at night. Meanwhile, sleep patterns play an important role in managing weight.

lose weight

lose weight

A study conducted by the University of Chicago showed that lack of sleep has many negative effects on the body, such as excessive eating, high risk of diabetes and obesity. Therefore, it is important for you to set up the right time to drink coffee so that your sleep patterns are not disturbed.

A study revealed that caffeine contained in a cup of coffee can increase metabolic processes as much as 3-11 percent. Not only that, caffeine is also proven to help burn fat.

In obese people, coffee consumption can help burn fat up to 10 percent. Meanwhile, in people who do not have obesity problems, burning reached 29 percent. However, excessive coffee drinking can also cause migraines, heart palpitations, and heartburn. So, consumption levels also need to be controlled.

According to the European Food Safety Authority, the safe limit of caffeine consumption for adults without a history of certain diseases is 400 mg per day (equivalent to 4 cups of coffee). The amount is also safe for adults of normal weight. However, if you fall into the category of underweight, then the amount of caffeine you consume should be lower than that.

The above exposure has explained that coffee is indeed beneficial for weight loss. However, if you have stomach acid disease, you should consult first with a doctor to avoid stomach problems. So, trying to lose weight is okay, as long as you know the limits are safe for health.

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