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Uninstall Program Easy and Quickly on Windows 8

Please note, on the Windows 8 operating system we can uninstall program easily and quickly. If you want to remove an unused programs or application, and are sure that this application programs will not be used again, then you can Uninstall the programs or applications to remove it completely.

How to Uninstall program quickly and easily on Windows 8

Below we will give a special trick on Windows 8 that is tips Uninstall programs easily and quickly. Here are the steps to uninstall program with easy and quick on Windows 8

  • Turn on your computer
  • Open Lock Screen
  • Right click on the applications, software or programs you want to uninstall
  • Popup Windows appears below from the Lock Screen. See the picture for more details
  • Select Uninstall
Lock Screen

Lock Screen

  • Open Control Panel window
  • Locate and Select the Application Program you specified in step three
  • Click Uninstall / double click on the name of the application in question
uninstall program

uninstall program

  • Done

That’s the basic Windows tips on how to Uninstall programs quickly and easily on Windows 8. Hopefully the above trick can give a little knowledge to the readers.

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