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Ups Maintenance to be Durable and Long Lasting

UPS maintenance. Here we will describe and explain to you an an tips and trick on how to maintenance ups to be durable and long lasting. We already know that the UPS stands for Uninterruptible power supply as an electrical back up device when PC or energy loss from its main source.

The UPS serves as a backup input for the computer in the event of a power outage. With the addition of UPS then when the lights go down, we still have time to turn off the computer normally so as to prevent the danger of power failure for the computer.

The main functions of UPS are:

  • Can provide temporary electrical energy when power failure occurs in the main electricity.
  • Provide sufficient time to us to immediately turn on the Genset or diesel generator as a replacement for min electricity.
  • Gives us ample time to immediately back up data and secure Operating System (OS) by performing shutdown according to procedure when main power goes out.
  • Secure the computer system from electrical disturbances that can disrupt computer system, either in the form of software damage, data or hardware damage. The UPS can automatically perform voltage stabilization when there is a change in the input voltage so that the output voltage used by the computer system is stable.
  • UPS can perform diagnostics and management of itself so as to facilitate the user to anticipate if there will be disruption to the system. User friendly and easy to install.
  • Users can do UPS control via LAN Network by adding some accessory required.
  • Can be integrated with the Internet network.
  • Notification in case of failure by setting UPS management software.

Some tips and Tricks Ups Maintenance

ups maintenance

ups maintenance

How to maintenance an UPS should not be arbitrary so that the components in it can last longer so as to support the needs of computer power. Here are some tips on how to take care of the correct UPS to stay durable and long lasting:

Pause. Give the time lag about 1 minute while turning off and then reboot the UPS you are using. How to treat a UPS like this will prevent component damage due to rapid electric current movement.

Immediately turn off the computer. When the power goes out, the computer with the UPS will remain on with stored power reserves. An average UPS can provide power for 15 minutes just for a set of computers. However you should save your work as soon as possible and shut down the computer in the normal way that is through the shut down button. This is related to how to care for UPS to avoid the power in it is completely exhausted. Because the battery is often empty UPS will cause it more quickly damaged.

Unplug the socket. When not in use you should unplug the power outlet to avoid overheating.

UPS power. For how to care for the first UPS is related to the burden of power borne by a UPS. All you have to notice is the power capacity that can be met by the UPS usually listed on the embedded information. For example if you have UPS with 600 watt power capacity, then the load you connect to the UPS such as CPU, monitor, printer, etc. should not exceed that maximum capacity.

Change the battery. How to care for the last UPS is to notice if when a power failure occurs and your computer also dies immediately, it means that the battery in the UPS has been damaged and needs to be replaced. Replacement must be done immediately because the battery has been damaged can lead to an unstable electrical current and can interfere with the performance of the computer.

So some tips on how to care and maintenance for UPS in order to support the performance of your computer well. And also to be durable and long lasting your UPS.

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