Treatment for Urinary Tract Infections with Natural Ingredients

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Treatment for Urinary Tract Infections with Natural Ingredients

Urinary tract infections are more common in women. This is due to the close distance between the anus and the urethra. This infection in addition to causing hot and sore when urinating, if not treated properly and left alone can result in fever to pain in the pelvis.

There are several treatments that can be done to treat urinary tract infections. The ideal treatment is to use certain antibiotics prescribed by a doctor.

However, you can also try with natural remedies that is by using natural ingredients that we can find in nature or even sold freely in the market.

Urinary Tract Infections

Urinary Tract Infections

Some Natural ingredients to treat urinary tract infections

Below are some of the natural ingredients that you can make as urinary tract infections treatment. Besides being a drug, the following ingredients will help the recovery of urinary tract infections.

Apples, berries, or peaches

Whether an apple, berries, or a peach contains a healthy type of sugar called d-mannose. D-mannose in the body will help to double the good bacteria colonies in the body to fight the infectious bacteria that cause the infection.

In the human body itself is actually capable and can produce its own natural sugar, but in an insufficient amount as a cure for urinary tract infections. This is because as large d-mannose produced by the body quickly discharged through urine. Therefore, you need to consume the above fruit through food intake.


Already we know together that asparagus has been used as an alternative drug urinary tract infections in various parts of the world. In a study published in the African Hour of Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicine states that the active ingredient content present in asparagus acts as an anti-bacterial cause of urinary tract infections. In addition, the study also found that asparagus root also helps boost the immune system.

To get the benefits of asparagus as a natural remedy or treatment for urinary tract infections is to consume asparagus by processing it into juice or preparing it in the form of vegetables as a side dish to eat.

Fermented foods

In a study published by the Indian Journal of Urology states that the good bacteria present in the intestine can help fight the bad bacteria that cause the infection. Therefore, in order to increase the colony of good bacteria, then consume fermented probiotic foods such as cheese, kimchi, yougurt, kefir.

Parsley leaf

Asparagus will more multiply its performance when consumed along with parsley leaf. Both of these natural ingredients will work and reduce the swelling of the urinary tract and improve its function. Both work by reducing free radicals that cause inflammation and cell damage.

When the parsley leaves are consumed alone, this leaf will serve as a diuretic drug so as to increase the amount of urine. Thus will allow bacteria out of the urinary tract.

To get the benefits of leaf parsley is very easy. Take fresh parsley leaves or dried parsley leaves, then heat with enough water. Let stand for 6-10 minutes, then strain the leaves and drink the boiled water.

What you need to note is, before you use natural or herbal remedies, or any other supplements as urinary tract infections treatment, it would be nice if you consult an expert doctor to know the safe dose and the right way to cure and treatment the urinary tract infections.

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