Fastest way to Change Windows 8 User Account Picture

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Fastest way to Change Windows 8 User Account Picture

Display user account picture on windows operating system from Microsoft corporation will give different color to computer owner. User Account picture can we set or we change according to our wishes, from windows customization or PC Settings.

How to change User Account Picture in Windows 8

Below we will show you an a tips and tricks how to change user account picture on windows 8. With this setting, then when you open the Lock Screen in Windows 8 will display images or photos from the owner of the computer or laptop. How to change Picture user account? Below are the detailed steps:

Preparation step

The main thing that you need to prepare before changing the user account picture is a photo or picture that represents you. Should be a photo of the owner of the computer in question.

If you don’t have any photos on your computer or others storage device, you can also use the camera that installed on your laptop or computer to take your pictures or photos from the camera.

The core stage how change user account picture on windows 8

After the photo or image from the owner of the computer you have prepared, follow the following steps:

  • Focus on your keyboard, press the Start button
  • Appears Lock Screen
  • Point your cursor at User Account (located at the top right of your monitor screen)
  • Click the User Account > Change account picture
lock screen

Lock Screen

  • Add photos via camera or from your computer. At this demonstration, take a photo of the computer drive
add photo for user account

Add Photo

  • Click Browse button
  • Select the drive
choose drive to adding photos

choose drive

  • Select a picture
choose image user account picture

choose image

account picture

User account picture

  • View the result, just press Start Button on the keyboard and see your Lock Screen
account picture


After doing the 9 steps above, then your user account picture will be replaced on the lock screen from windows 8. So that will appear images or photos user account in accordance with the wishes of the computer owner. Looks at the lock screen you display a dazzling image of the computer owner.

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