Using Volume Mixer to Control Device and Application Volume

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Using Volume Mixer to Control Device and Application Volume

Volume Mixer Is an Application Volume Controller. The volume of mixer software by default already exists and is installed on an operating system. By using this utility, then you can adjust the special volume on an application. Thus, then every application you run will adjust to the settings on here in the application in question.

In the Windows 7 operating system and above versions of Windows, Volume Mixer not only displays the volume of the device but also lists and displays the volume of all running applications and generates audio.

So you can control the audio volume of one application from this utility software. So if you have more than one application program that produces sound, then you can control and manage it from here. Controlling and setting it here means reducing volume, increasing volume and or stopping it.

How to set the Volume Mixer on a particular application program.

To open the Volume Mixer application utility, follow these steps:

  • Make sure the software driver of the sound device is installed
  • Make sure that this volume mixer is running when Windows Start
  • Point the cursor in the system tray, Left click the Sound image in System Tray
  • Select Mixer
volume mixer windows

system tray mixer windows

  • Perform control and volume settings of all running applications and generate sound.
control volume device and application programs

control volume device and application programs

In our demonstration example, using the Windows 8 operating system, there are several applications running on my system ie

  • On the Device ie speakers
  • In the application program is the system sounds and browser Mozilla Firefox and Windows Media Player

Volume Mixer software will detect automatically any hardware or application that produces volume. So on this utility software will be displayed all hardware and all the applications.

So a few simple tips on volume mixer and its settings on the volume of each sound-generating app. You can control either turn off or turn on the volume of any device or application to your liking via Volume Mixer software.

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