The Danger of Watching Television for Too long!

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The Danger of Watching Television for Too long!

Now watching television or TV has become an everyday activity. In fact, watching television can be done anywhere from in the living room, in the bedroom also in the car. With the latest technological developments, watching television can also be through mobile phones. For most people, this is great fun.

The danger of watching television for too long

However, it turns out there are some health problems that can interfere with us due to watching TV for too long. Stastistic numbers data shows that we tend to watch television on average 4 hours per day. While watching Television, most of us will sit in front of the television and enjoy the show being aired. This means we do not do other activities during watching Television.

Watching television

Watching television

Some people even tend to watch Television while eating snacks. If this has been a long time and become a habit, this will make our body will be less active so it is easier to overweight and even obesity.

Obesity increases the likelihood of a person suffering from several diseases such as coronary heart disease, stroke, and other health problems. In addition to obesity, also increase the likelihood of diabetes mellitus. The longer a person watches TV per day, the more likely they are to develop the disease.

At the time of watching Television, we will also be served a variety of ads that are packed with interesting, but not healthy. Such as junk food, sodas, cigarettes, sweets and other unhealthy foods. The more often we see the ads, the desire to try will be even greater.

Based on AC Nielsen statistics, most people watch Television from 6 pm to 10 pm. This means that most people watch Television before bed. A study showed that people who watch TV before bed, more susceptible to disorder or often called insomnia. Why this can happen ??

Various activities performed before bed affect the onset of insomnia. watching Television will cause the brain to work harder actively by listening, viewing, digesting information, and receiving new memory. As for sleep, we need a calm and relaxed body. This is certainly very opposite, so we will tend to be more difficult to sleep after watching TV.

However, this does not happen to everyone. In addition to activities performed before bed, other factors such as the general state of a person, the level of stress, and the circumstances surrounding where we sleep also affects the onset of insomnia.

Therefore, to balance and keep your body healthy then multiplying activities that make the body move more actively as exercise is the solution

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