Simple and Easy Weight Gain Tips for All

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Simple and Easy Weight Gain Tips for All

Here are the weight gain tips for everyone in outline. The less ideal weight (thin body) or you can say your weight is less than normal is a health problem. This is because the energy consumption is lower than the requirement that causes some of the body’s energy reserves in the form of fat to be used.

The disadvantages of thin body

Some of the disadvantages that can be caused due to weight less than normal or underweight are as follows

  • Appearance is less attractive
  • Easily tired
  • High risk of disease, some of the risks faced include: infectious diseases, depression, anemia and diarrhea.
  • In thin women, when they are pregnant have a high risk of delivering babies with low birth weight.
  • Less able to work hard.

Simple and easy Weight gain tips

wight gain tips

Thin Body

Below are some general tips for Weight gain.

  • Eat regularly 3 times a day with nutrients by considering the four healthy foods five perfect. If it is necessary to plan a diet, plan it with a doctor or nutritionist.
  • Eat more food sources of energy and protein than usual such as bread, rice, tubers, fish, meat, tempeh, tofu.
  • Keep exercising regularly.
  • Enough rest

Note: please note that someone who is included in the category of skinny or thin body can be caused by certain diseases. Therefore, to find out it is recommended to check your health to medical personnel or health care provider.

If in a medical examination, you are exposed to a disease that causes you to be thin. Such as lung disease, tuberculosis, malnutrition, and so forth. Then plan regular treatment with your doctor. The doctor will help you in overcoming the problems you face.

Tip: to be able to monitor your weight gain, in this case is a good body mass index, weigh your weight regularly. Know the development of your body especially in an effort to weight gain with the tips above.


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