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Change Whatsapp Profile Picture on Whatsapp Messenger

Whatsapp Profile Picture is a photo shown as a profile on Whatsapp Mesenger apps. By uploading a photo profile on whatsapp, then anyone will know the face of the owner of an account on Whatsapp.

Therefore, in uploading a photo or picture used as a profile in whatsapp messenger should use the original photo from the account owner. This is especially when you join or be included in a particular group. So make it easy for friends or members of whatsapps group to know your true self through profile photos.

Advantages of uploading whatsapp messenger profile picture include the following:

  • Identity can be known by your friends through profile photo
  • Friends in the group can get to know you clearly
  • Promotional media introduces a product or company
  • Create a group icon

How to change Whatsapp Profile Picture on Whatsapp Messenger?

To be able to change the profile picture in Whatsapp Messenger, perform the following steps:

  • Open your Whatsapp Messenger app
main menu Whatsapp


  • Click on the Action bar menu (located on the top right corner of the Whatsapp window)
  • Select Settings
settings whatsapp


  • Click on the image with your name
  • Click your profile picture image
Picture profile

Picture profile

  • Look at the pencil drawing
Edit Picture

Edit Picture

  • Select profile photo (gallery / Camera)
whatsapp profile picture

add picture

  • Select a photo
choose a picture

choose a picture

  • Done
whatsapp profile updated

profile updated

Easy is not it?. Your profile picture or photos will change instantly, and will be instantly known by your contact friends personally or in the Whatsapp group you are following.

You can change your profile picture whenever you like. In addition, through the steps above you can also delete your profile picture. The step is, in the step number 7 you just choose the menu Remove Photo.

This Tips and trick about change Whatsapp Profile Picture above using Whatsapp Messenger version 2.17.395. Therefore, we apologize if there is no compatibility with others version of Whatsapp Messenger.

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