White Discharge before Period and The causes

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White Discharge before Period and The causes

White Discharge before Period usually called Whitish. Whitish is the fluid that comes out from the vagina. Vaginal discharge may arise from a variety of conditions, ie normally / physiologically and pathologically. Physiological leucorrhoea is a normal vaginal discharge caused by hormonal changes, such as during menstruation, stress, pregnancy, and use of contraception. While pathological vaginal discharge is caused by certain medical conditions with the most common cause is a parasitic / fungal / bacterial infection.

Normal vaginal fluid has characteristics such as clear white color, when attached to clothing in bright yellow color, consistency such as mucus (dilute) depending on hormonal cycle, odorless and not cause complaints.

white discharge before period

white discharge before period

When the fluid that comes out of the vagina has changed color (into milky white, gray, to greenish), smelly, many and accompanied by other complaints (such as itching, heat, etc.) indicates that abnormal vaginal discharge is commonly caused by infection of the reproductive tract by various germs, fungi or parasites.

What about your vaginal discharge due to White Discharge before Period?

If your leucorrhoea includes abnormal vaginal discharge then it needs to be treated because it can cause the spread of infection to the internal organs and should avoid sexual intercourse first. If the whiteness you experience is a normal vaginal discharge, then all you need to do is maintain the cleanliness of the vaginal area, that is:

  • Avoid the use of tight pants made of materials that do not absorb sweat
  • Often change underwear when sweating or damp
  • Avoiding the use of genital cleansing products that may cause changes in acidity and balance of bacteria in the mother’s genitalia
  • If you want to use panty liner choose that does not contain fragrances and not used for more than 4-6 hours
  • If you want to rinse after urination, do it from front to back using a towel.

Please note that vaginal discharge may be a sexually transmitted infection. If it is caused by a sexually transmitted infection, then both you and your partner (husband) need to be treated also for complete treatment. You can go to a gynecologist or a dermatologist. If necessary, microscopic examination of the whitish liquid to cause the germs are known for certain.

Whitish caused by infection requires treatment with antifungal / antibiotic / antiparasit in accordance with the germs cause. Treatment is not appropriate or inappropriate use of dosage instead of treating it can cause immune germs cause. You should see a specialist obstetrics and gynecologist or skin specialist and genitals to determine the cause of your vaginal discharge.

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