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How To Whiten Teeth with Natural Materials

How To Whiten Teeth with Natural ingredients? Basically we have been given white teeth by the omnipotent, but because of bad habits that make teeth dirty, even yellow, brown, or maybe blackish. Therefore it is necessary to whiten teeth, either naturally or with dentist care.

Maintaining dental health is one of the campaigns conducted by health activists. That’s because the tooth is the entrance for human digestion process. Before the food is digested by the digestive system, then the food will be digested first by the teeth so that dental hygiene is very important to be maintained.

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Having a clean and white tooth is not only healthy, but it also adds confidence. A person whose teeth are white will create the impression of being diligent and maintaining his health. But otherwise, dirty, yellow, and smelly teeth will create a negative impression in the eyes of others. That is why it is important for us to maintain this dental health.

Before going to the discussion how to whiten teeth naturally, then we learn from the source of the problem first. Yes, by knowing the cause of yellow or dirty teeth, then one step we have to achieve.

Causes of Yellow and Dirty Teeth

Perhaps you are wondering what causes tooth decay? There are many reasons that make a person’s teeth become non-white so yellow or dirty, such as:

Cigarettes. If you notice, most smokers have teeth that are yellow, even black. This is the result of nicotine in the cigarette makes the tooth wall becomes acidic. That is why teeth of smokers are mostly dirty.

Lazy brush your teeth. Do not underestimate the activity of brushing your teeth. Apparently there are many side effects that can occur due to lazy or brushing teeth are not correct. Lazy brushing of teeth will cause the tooth to become damaged. As a result, the teeth will be dirty, hollow, yellow, can even cause tartar. In addition, lazy tooth brushing will also cause bad breath. This will certainly disrupt your association.

The habit of brushing your teeth after eating / drink sweet. Many people think that brushing your teeth after consuming sweet foods / drinks is good. Because the sweetness will cause the tooth becomes damaged and easily porous. Apparently the assumption was wrong. When we finished consuming sweet foods then the mouth will become acid. At that moment, a substance called enamel appears. This substance is useful to protect teeth and also neutralize the teeth to return to normal as usual. This substance will be lost in vain if we immediately brushed teeth shortly after eating / sweet drinks.

Consumption of white wine. White wine will make the teeth become eroded. This will also cause the teeth to be yellow and dirty.

Use of eye drops. Maybe you do not think that the use of drugs such as eye drops will cause the teeth to yellow. That’s because when someone uses eye drops, then saliva or saliva production will automatically decrease. This is what causes the teeth to become dirty due to lack of fluid in the mouth.

Energy drinks. Basically energy drinks are not good for health. energy drinks are corrosive. That’s because in this one drink contained substances that are not good for health, such as acid, sugar, and various chemicals that are not good for health. in addition to affecting the health of the body, this drink will also make the teeth become yellow.

Now you just adjust, which points make your teeth are not white. From now on you must avoid or stop the habit. Next follow the whitening steps below.

Natural Ways to Whiten Teeth

There are various ways we can use to whiten teeth, from the modern way or with drugs to the traditional or natural way. But in this paper will only be discussed various natural ways to whiten teeth, namely:

Consumption of sufficient water. There are many benefits of this water, one of which is to whiten teeth. Water can help neutralize the tooth again after consuming colored beverages and foods that can damage teeth. At least water consumption is 1 liter or 8 glasses per day to meet the needs of body fluids.

Coconut oil paste. Another way that you can use to whiten teeth naturally is to use coconut oil paste. Materials to be prepared are: 3 tbsp coconut oil, 3 tablespoons baking soda, 1 sachet stevia, 25 drops of Peppermint Essential Oil.

How to make enough, by first mixing coconut oil and baking soda that you have prepared. After all the ingredients are well mixed, add stevi and peppermint essential oil into it. Mix the ingredients to form a paste. Use this coconut oil paste to whiten your teeth.

Lemons. Lemon fruit has been known to have good health benefits. That’s because the content of vitamin C in this fruit is very high so good for disease prevention. In addition, lemon fruit also has a high enough citric acid content. This acid can be used as a natural teeth whitener.

For those of you who want to use lemon as a natural teeth whitener, you can cut small 1 lemon. Rub the pieces of the lemon into all parts of the teeth until evenly distributed. Wait a few moments then brush your teeth to clean up the remains. Do this until your teeth are white and clean again.

Banana peel. Banana is one of the fruits that is very easy to find. In addition to having good benefits for digestion, this fruit skin can also be used to whiten teeth.

How to grab a banana skin and rub on all parts of your teeth. let stand for a while for banana skin to work to whiten your teeth. after that, brush your teeth slowly until clean. do this every day for 1 – 2 weeks to get a clean and white teeth.

Using strawberries. In addition to having a delicious and refreshing taste, this one fruit also proved to have properties to whiten teeth. How to use it very easy. you simply refine this strawberry fruit and then rub on all parts of your teeth evenly. Let stand a few moments for the substances that are in this fruit work to whiten your teeth. after that, gently brushing the teeth to remove the sugar substance in this strawberry fruit.

Orange peel. Not just dry orange peel that can be used to clean teeth, orange peel is still wet or fresh can be used to whiten teeth. The way is quite easy, namely by rubbing the inside of the orange peel on the entire tooth and let stand a moment. After that, brush your teeth slowly to clean it. What you need to consider if using this method is about the sensitivity of your mouth and teeth against this orange peel because oranges include fruit that contain lots of vitamin C.

Leaves greetings. Not only as a seasoning dish, bay leaves can also be used as a natural bleach teeth. How to use it is very easy. make a pasta consisting of bay leaves, dried orange peel, and a little water. Rub the paste into all parts of your teeth until evenly distributed. After a while, brush your teeth slowly to clean it.

Various ways to whiten teeth naturally above you can try in accordance with the materials available around you. By using the materials that are around, it will make us become diligent to create and use it. Thus the tips and tricks about how to whiten teeth naturally. May be useful.

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