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Delete and Disable Windows 10 Password and All Windows

How to disable Windows 10 password? Why we should to disable Windows 10 password?. On the Windows 10 operating system with a certain account with id and password login can affect the waiting time that tend to be longer than computers without password login. Moreover if the computer specifications are not capable for Windows 10.

What, Why and when we should disable Windows 10 Password?

So, with Windows 10 Password installed on computers that these computer doesn’t  support for suing Windows 1o, this will have an impact on the performance of the computer or laptop especially when the first boot that must wait to display Windows 10 login with user id and password enabled.

One of the things that most complained by Windows users is where users tend to be bored waiting for booting or display windows login long enough. Especially if the computer use a password for your Windows device usage. Then you must have to wait for Windows to display the login window.

Actually the speed of windows login it depends on the device or specification computer or laptop used. But still to wait for booting windows to require a lag time.

So the solution so as not to feel the time until your windows 10 is active is to disable Windows 10 password of your device. By implementing that solution you no longer have to wait for screen display to login as a user.

You can increase the loading speed of Windows first by removing unnecessary startup programs. Then you can delete your Windows 10 login password.

But you need to believe that your device will not experience regrets when someone unwanted secretly accesses your computer or laptop. Because, if you implemented this tips, it will make your device easily accessible to anyone.

Deleting Windows 10 password easily

Deleting the Windows 10 login password is very easy. The required steps only remove the check marks that exist in the User Account settings.

Disable Windows 10 password easily

Here are the step by step how to disable Windows 10 password easily. see, the way in sequence below:

  • Type “netplwiz” in the Start menu search bar, then click the top result to run the command
Search App charm bar

Search App

  • or you can also using Run Command (Start + R) and then type on the Run Windows “netplwiz” without quotation
Run netplwiz

Run netplwiz

  • Next, you just need to uncheck the option “Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer” then press Apply or OK.
  • Enter your username and password, then reenter your password. Click OK
  • Click OK again to save this change to fully apply.
windows 10 password

Windows user list

If you are confused with the dialog box or the steps above, please see the example screenshot above as your additional reference to apply the above stages.

That’s the simple tips, how to disable Windows 10 password. The way above, should be done especially for computers or laptops with minimal specifications and installed Windows 10. Hopefully your computer load reduced by disable Windows 10 password. You can applied this tricks for all Windows System.

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