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How to Open windows 8 Start Menu Quickly

Windows 8 operating system has a different look than windows 7 and also windows 10. Which there is no view of Windows 8 Start Menu. Where is the Start Menu view in Windows 8?

What happens above is the most frequently asked questions by users of windows 8, as we have described in the description above, where in the Windows 8 start menu button removed.

However, below there are two tricks to open just like the Start Menu.

The first tricks and tips

The first trick is very easy. Namely by using a keyboard shortcut key which is one feature of windows operating system.

The steps are as follows:

  • Focus on your keyboard
  • Press the Start button and the Q Button simultaneously on the keyboard (Start + Q)
windows 8 start menu

Start + Q

  • Instantly will appear all the installed applications like the Start Menu which is a list of all applications installed on the computer
windows 8 start menu

Windows 8 start

The second trick and tips opening Windows 8 Start Menu

Especially for those of you touch screen users who use Windows 8. To open the start menu, you can do the following steps:

Right-click an empty part of the Start screen or slide your finger up from the bottom of the screen and select ‘All Apps’ for the touch screen user to display a list of all installed applications.

The above tips may be very useful for you when you want to open an application that is installed on Windows 8.

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