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Setting Windows File Sharing between Computer

Windows file sharing is a way of sharing files between two or more computers in a network. By using this feature, we can share and use files between two or more computers on the same network, both local area network and wide area network.

As an illustration, here are some topology models of Windows file sharing in a network computer either local network networking or WIFI network.

  • Computer> LAN cable <Computers
  • Computer> WIFI Network <Computers

How to setting Windows File Sharing?

At tips this time, we will only make windows file sharing settings on one computer connected to a network. Thus, the computer will share files with other computers so that other computers can access the files that are shared. In addition, other computers will also be able to view, and also edit, copy, deleting files that have been shared on the computer.

Step by step how to settings Windows file sharing is very easy. Follow these step by step below:

  • Open File Explorer
  • Select a folder to share
  • Right-click on the folder.
  • Select Properties
File Explorer

File Explorer

  • In the Folder Properties window> click the Sharing tab
file sharing

file sharing

On Share Button

  • Click on Share button
  • Add a username, person or other computer users
  • Select a username> Add

add people

  • For example here: Everyone, with Read / Write privileges (user permissions that can read while editing
  • Click the Share button

On Advanced sharing..

  • Click the Advanced Sharing button … then do the following settings:
  • Check the Share Folder

advanced sharing

  • Permissions

  • Network and Sharing Center

advanced sharing

  • All Network> turn off password protected sharing (so when accessing the files and folders in the sharing do not need to enter the Username and password)
  • Save Changes
windows file sharing

windows file sharing

See the result:

If you want to access sharing folders need authentication, then you can choose turn on password protected sharing. With the step by step Setting windows file sharing, then the computer is ready to receive and share files to and from other computers.

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