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Solved 100%: Windows protected your PC on Windows 8

Solving problem about Windows protected PC on Windows 8. One day, I downloaded an app from a website. Once the download is complete, then we run the application to install on the computer with Windows operating system 8. And apparently, the message appears as follows:

Windows protected your PC
Windows SmartScreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting. Running this app might put your PC at risk.
More info

What really happened, any problem on Windows Protected PC?

After we observe for a while, we conclude that the above message occurs because Windows detects that the application, program or software is considered a virus and could potentially harm your PC or computer. So before the program runs a warning message indicating the program is dangerous.

How to solve the problem of Windows protected your PC problem?

However, if you believe that the software or program or application you are about to run is not harmful to your computer then you can still run this application in several ways as follows:

The First Solution

In the message window that appears, on the bottom of the message there are more info link menu. See the picture below for more details.

windows protected pc

More Info

Then the message will appear continued with the button below Run anyway and Do not run

Run anyway app

Run anyway

Select and click the Run button anyway, if you are absolutely sure that the file, program or application is not a virus

The second Solution

The second way is to Stop SmartScreen Windows Features.

Here are the steps to disable Windows SmartScreen

Control panel quick access

Control Panel

  • Select System and Security
System and Security

System and Security

  • Go to Action Center
Action Center

Action Center

  • Change Windows SmartScreen Settings
Windows Smart Screen

Windows Smart Screen

  • There are three options, choose Do not do anything (turn off Windows SmartScreen
Windows SmartScreen

turn off Windows SmartScreen

  • Click OK to save the Windows SmartScreen configuration

Be careful with the second step because it can potentially have viruses or malware brought by the program or application file when the program or file is run.

The trick above, also you can implement on Windows version on it that is windows 10 and other latest windows version. So and hopefully tips and tricks about Windows protected your PC can be useful in solving related problems.

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