Cool Tips: Windows Shutdown Command using CMD

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Cool Tips: Windows Shutdown Command using CMD

What is Windows Shutdown Command? Rarely computer users know how to shut down or shutdown the computer using a cmd or command prompt. Because, usually people turn off the computer through the usual way that is Start> Shutdown. However, by shutdown the computer using a command prompt will look much different and will certainly look more cool and intellectual.

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Command Prompt (CMD) is a windows application that we can use to enter commands into the computer. The command or comand prompt is a writing that serves the computer to do something. Here are the features of CMD.

shutdown windows command

CMD on Windows 8

How to Access Windows Command Prompt?

To access CMD press on the key on the keyboard Start button + R> type CMD> Enter

windows shutdown command

Run Command

How to Windows Shutdown Command?

The following is a command to shut down Windows Computers via Comand Prompt briefly in the absence of time or pause to stop the shutdown process is as follows:

  • Open the CMD app.
  • In CMD type shutdown.exe -s
  • Enter
windows shutdown command

shutdown command

With the above command, then on the screen will display a shutdown notification, and the computer will immediately shutdown or turn off.

Adds the timer shutdown timer command

However, you should also include an additional command in the form of shutdown timer, so the computer does not immediately shutdown and we can stop the shutdown process by giving new commands to the new CMD.

Turning Off Computer Through CMD (Comand Prompt) with Timer

  • Log into CMD.
  • type shutdown.exe -s -t 60
  • Enter.

Note: The time unit is seconds / seconds so the number 60 above means 60sec. You can change it as needed. Like 1 Hour = 3600 seconds

The computer will shutdown after 60 seconds. This feature is similar to the ones that give Sleep time.

How to cancel Windows Shutdown Command via CMD

Maybe in a split second you remember that you’re a job you have not yet completed, but you’ve already given the shutdown command. Relax, you can cancel the shutdown command from the command prompt by doing the following steps:

  • Login to CMD
  • Type shutdown.exe -a
  • Enter

How to create a message before the computer shutdown via Command Prompt

In order to look more attractive and cool you can also give a specific message before the computer shutdown, by giving the command as below:

  • Log into CMD.
  • Type shutdown.exe -s -t 60 -c “Your computer will be Shutdown in….”
  • Enter

The computer before shutdown or off will definitely give the warning “Your computer will be Shutdown in….” on your monitor screen.

Well I think the tutorial is very clear, how to turn off or shutdown the computer through ommand prompt, how to give a message before shutdown through CMD, how to cancel windows shutdown command through Command promp. Hopefully this article can be useful, surely you should be able to try it.

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